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Making Your TV Smart With Rpi

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Raspberry Pi has gained popularity in a very less time for obvious reasons. Let’s take a look how we can turn our TVs smart with the tiny yet powerful board. Quickly check you have following:

  • Raspberry Pi board
  • Power cable (Micro USB/USB Type-C)
  • SD Card (min 8 GB)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Keyboard, Mouse
  • HDMI Cable, TV or Monitor

Get your laptop. Hit the downloads page! Make Raspberry Pi Imager work on your system. Basically we will be exploring kodi, however, lets use OSMC which wraps it inside! Download OSMC image respective to the board you’re using from Disk Images. Now, burn that onto your SD Card using the Raspberry Pi Imager. Plug SD card and other peripherals to your board as well as turn the power on. Here is your OS preparing …

Langpacks Auto-installation

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Fedora Linux Operating System has strong language support. Underneath, there are a lot of components that facilitate display, input and storage of language specific data. Users can install Fedora in their native language and continue using it, or they can easily switch their workstation from one language to another. For the latter case, the steps are:

  • Open “GNOME Control Center”
  • Select “Region & Language” tab.
  • Select language from modal box and logoff-login the session.


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March 14, 2019 - the new warm day - when FOSSASIA turns 10! Floks, celebrating the eve with great enthusiasm and passion at the same venue that of last year, LifeLong Learning Institute Singapore. People queued up at the registration desk this morning waiting to collect their badges.

Transtats - Getting Started

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Helps in tracking translation completeness of your packages. These packages may participate in product releases, so a few Transtats UI group statistics to create at-a-glance translation progress picture - for the release! It has tools to detect translation deficiency in ready-to-ship packages.

Getting Started

Transtats Fedora instance is running at
And fedora-30 release is already added.

Flock 2018

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After the US, I was really excited to visit Europe this time for fedora flock conference. A lot of preparation: air tickets, stay, documents for VISA and more. Unfortunately we got our VISA declined and everything hanged. We re-applied and got it approved in second time that to just two days before to the planned take off. Nevertheless did all of slides/demo, shopping & packing and was ready for cab pickup. This time Pune to Mumbai was really relaxing and we reached Mumbai Airport before time! With some flight delay, reached Frankfurt Airport landing was really smooth. By evening we reached the beautiful city - Dresden. Venue for the conference this year was - The Radisson Blu Park Hotel & Conference Centre at Radebeul.


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After March 2016, this year I get chance to come back to this beautiful city - Singapore !! The country continues to hold best rankings in commerce, finance, transport & technology.

The premier open source summit FOSSASIA held on 22nd March to 25th March. This year Life Long Learning Institute hosted the event. LLI is located at Paya Lebar and serves gateway to learning opportunities since long time. It is very nearby to MRT and in the heart of city.

I18n FAD

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This time Pune, India was selected for Fedora Activity Day 2017 of Internationalization (i18n) Engineering. Folks from all over APAC and EMEA joined together to exchange ideas, fix long pending bugs and hack on new ideas. Thanks to Fedora Council for approving budget and to Bex for coordinating & moving i18n FAD arrangements further! Jens, Parag and Pravin played vital roles in organising everything required to make it happen.

I was really excited to meet my entire team for the first time! And it was Sunday evening, 19th Nov 2017 we all met together and went Amanora Food Court to share evening moments over snacks.

Flock 2017

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“Reporting time was 7:30pm and its 7:50, still your are saying it will take another 15 mins” this was my words while I was waiting and talking with cab driver. I was travelling to US for the very first time, and was little excited. We covered the distance between Pune and Mumbai Airport in decent time and managed to reach there by 12:30 midnight. Our zone was E in the plane and it was Emirates. We reached Dubai early morning. I tried to capture Burj Khalifa.

And then was starting of a long journey - Dubai to Boston. It was 5-6 movies long. Had great food and drinks. And a decent 3 hrs nap. All thanks to Emirates crew and services! We landed Boston 15 past 14 hrs, in the afternoon and waited for 25-30 mins at Bus stop to Hyannis, Cape Cod. Sun was about to sign-off for the day and street lights were yet to glow when we had great MacD burger, and headed towards The resort and conference center - flock'17 venue!

Manage Yourself

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All throughout schooling we learn to work hard preparing for exams and celebrate the results! This induces tendency to set short term goals and put some efforts achieving it. Almost every one has some method to plan and execute what ever goals one has. For some goals rigorous efforts are required whereas some require small but continuous inputs. Overall if we find some balance where we keep our daily activities doing and in parallel meet goals requirements, that certainly would be awesome.

In another words, how about developing a tool which may keep us on track minimising random efforts and keep ourselves more focused towards some goals we have in mind for coming 2-3 yrs? make-goals-daily is a small effort towards the same. This keeps a backlog (goals) and log our daily activities. In return it tries to calculate how much work is remaining for completion of goals. Also, it summaries tasks performed in a month grouped by goals. Thus making it personal activity logger to chase short term goals!!

Give it a try $ docker pull suanand/makegoalsdaily