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Manage Yourself

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All throughout schooling we learn to work hard preparing for exams and celebrate the results! This induces tendency to set short term goals and put some efforts achieving it. Almost every one has some method to plan and execute what ever goals one has. For some goals rigorous efforts are required whereas some require small but continuous inputs. Overall if we find some balance where we keep our daily activities doing and in parallel meet goals requirements, that certainly would be awesome.

In another words, how about developing a tool which may keep us on track minimising random efforts and keep ourselves more focused towards some goals we have in mind for coming 2-3 yrs? make-goals-daily is a small effort towards the same. This keeps a backlog (goals) and log our daily activities. In return it tries to calculate how much work is remaining for completion of goals. Also, it summaries tasks performed in a month grouped by goals. Thus making it personal activity logger to chase short term goals!!

Give it a try $ docker pull suanand/makegoalsdaily