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After March 2016, this year I get chance to come back to this beautiful city - Singapore !! The country continues to hold best rankings in commerce, finance, transport & technology.

The premier open source summit FOSSASIA held on 22nd March to 25th March. This year Life Long Learning Institute hosted the event. LLI is located at Paya Lebar and serves gateway to learning opportunities since long time. It is very nearby to MRT and in the heart of city.

Opening of FOSSASIA 2018 was really warm and welcoming. People across the world makes it really special for all of us, to gather and share experiences. Harish Pillay (Head Community Leadership, Red Hat) and Damini Satya (SE - Salesforce) started the summit with an schedule overview and free & open source background, advancements across Asia Pacific.

Special guest Teo Ser Luck (Member of Parliament) gave an overview on Open Technology in Singapore Govt. How they work with open source software to bring several developments and automation. This was a quick deep dive into on-going projects and, really inspiring.

Then come keynotes. Started by Jonas von Malottki (Senior Manager Daimler). He shared how Daimler uses Free and Open Source software within several of its products. Daimler is the first German automaker that joined the development of Automotive Grade Linux to help build the next generation connected car platform. This was very interesting to learn!

Followed by this, we had the keynote from FOSSASIA founder Hong Phuc Dang. She talked about how FOSSASIA scaled up and what are the future plans. Also, how FOSSASIA collaborates and develops open source solutions for Event Management, AI, Big Data and others.

Next morning, we had talks started for the summit. There were multiple tracks: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Open Design, IoT, Hardware, Imaging, Cloud, Container, DevOps, Kernel & Platform, Open Data, Internet Society, Community. So, really an awesome job by organisers. I started the day with the talk by Chris Aniszczyk (CTO Cloud Native Computing Foundation). He spoke on ‘Rise of Kubernetes and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’.

I remained in lecture theatre as talks were so cool and technical. ‘Working with Cloud Dataprep’, ‘What can we learn from 1.1 billion GitHub events and 42 TB of code?’, ‘CloudML Engine: Qwik Start’ all by Google Advocates made my day. Learnt a lot, these cleared many of my concepts.

On Sunday, I jumped on security track and joined ‘BlueBorne: Beware of Bluetooth!’ talk by Huzaifa Sidhpurwala (Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat). He described a security flaw affecting bluetooth stacks of Linux, Android, iOS and Windows. The impact was evident by the fact that the attacker did not even need to be paired to the victims device in order to exploit it.

From Open Data & Community track, I attended Brian Proffitt (Principal Program Manager, Red Hat) talk. Where he shared his thoughts and experiences on ‘How to measure a community’s health’. How to use metrics more regularly to measure the health and activity levels of projects and their attendant communities. How to figure out what we need from the data.

In-between I tried listening a few talks from Cloud / Container / DevOps track. ‘Running OpenStack in Containers’ and ‘Delivering a bleeding edge community-led openstack distribution: RDO’ were really informative. Then came talks by Chris Van Tuin (Chief Technologist, Red Hat). He described Microservices, Containers and Kubernetes. How they are connected in DevOps success. He also touched upon continuous security with kubernetes.

Here comes my talk. I try introducing Transtats project and thank for recording the session. Then we had an interesting talk ‘The Four Temperaments of human beings’ by Jens Petersen (Engineering Manager, Red Hat) who explained the four classical temperaments: Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Sanguine and Choleric. Also their unique qualities, strengths, etc.

With this FOSSASIA Summit 2018, came closure to get concluded. Its great to be a part of such an event to feel, experience and learn open source!! together :)