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Transtats - Getting Started

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Helps in tracking translation completeness of your packages. These packages may participate in product releases, so a few Transtats UI group statistics to create at-a-glance translation progress picture - for the release! It has tools to detect translation deficiency in ready-to-ship packages.

Getting Started

Transtats Fedora instance is running at
And fedora-30 release is already added.

First step is to add your package in Transtats.
  • Click on Fedora Login button and login into the system using your Fedora Credentials.

  • After logged-in, click on Packages link. (This will take you to packages list page)

  • Click on Add Package button to add your package in Transtats.

  • Enter Package Name and Upstream URL. Select Translation Platform and check Fedora.

  • Finally, click on Add Package button to validate and register the package with Transtats.
  • Go back to list packages page and locate newly added package. Click on package name.
    • This will take you to the package details page. (Use dropdown to navigate between packages)
Secondly, sync your package with Translation Platform, Build System and Upstream.
  • Sync the package with Translation Platform; this will generate Branch Mapping also.

  • Once branch mapping is created, sync the package with Koji build system.

  • This will take you to the syncdownstream YML job; uncheck Dry Run and run the job!

  • Go back to package’s detail page and locate statistics from koji build system.

  • Click on Statistics Diff to update diff and know - which languages need attention.
    • This is based on branch mapping generated of the respective package.

  • This will indicate languages in which the package is out of sync.

Finally, update releases and packages summary.
  • Go to Dashboard (landing page) and click to refresh summary.

  • Similary for packages - click on Packages - Translation Completeness tab and refresh summary.


As of now following are the limitations (shall be eliminated in coming Transtats releases):

  • Packages could not auto sync (with Platform, Build System etc.) and need manual effort.
  • Branch mapping and Statistics Diff need to be updated manually for each package.
  • Releases and Packages summary also need manual effort to get updated.

Sync Order

  1. Sync package with Translation Platform, Build System and Upstream.
  2. Update Statistics Diff and then, Releases & Packages Summaries.


While running job uncheck Dry Run only when the package is added in Transtats - to save stats. Sync Package Build System job can be dry run for any package and any build tag (including rawhide).

  • Job log URL will be generated for dry runs too, and can be shared.

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