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March 14, 2019 - the new warm day - when FOSSASIA turns 10! Floks, celebrating the eve with great enthusiasm and passion at the same venue that of last year, LifeLong Learning Institute Singapore. People queued up at the registration desk this morning waiting to collect their badges.

The summit opened up with a series of keynotes. First one featured Dr Koh Tat Suan (Director Lifelong Learning Institute) who talked about contribution of FOSSASIA and SkillsFuture among Singaporeans. Moreover, he described functions of LLI.

Followed by second keynote: Harish Pillay’s (Head Community Leadership, Red Hat) talk on 10 years and back to the future! He explained, very interestingly, how a new generation of technologists and developers is growing up and participating in the community. What are the challenges today and how do we connect them to the previous generations of FOSS developers?

Then, Hong Phuc (Founder FOSSASIA) welcomed everyone at FOSSASIA and threw lights on every year’s FOSSASIA’s memories. She recapped the journey of 10 years and mentioned what is coming next?

Mario Behling (CEO of OpnTec) talked about State of Open Tech. He went on describing various open source projects going on in various parts across Asia. And how these projects changing lives to create new possibilities.

Next keynote was: The Open Source Industrial AI Capabilities with IBM by Rahul Akolkar (Worldwide Technical Sales Leader). He touched upon various products and offerings, what IBM has brought together a set of industrial AI capabilities and tools that provide a robust open AI platform for the enterprise. Furthermore, he covered many hybrid and multi-cloud hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

In the afternoon, various tracks opened up with a variety of talks. One of them, I participated was Serverless with knative by Mete Atamel (Developer Advocate Google). He explained how Knative extends Kubernetes to provide a set of middleware components (build, serving, events) for modern, source-centric, and container-based apps that can run anywhere.

Next day, kernel and platform track caught my attention. One of the talks was on BuildStream - The all purpose build and integration tool by Tristan Van Berkom (Lead Software Engineer Codethink). He briefly explained the problems which revolve around the software build space from the perspective of the developer and the perspective of the system integrator. Furthermore, he introduced the BuildStream project; which is now used to build the base Flatpak runtimes and GNOME releases.

This year I presented Transtats as a tool to ensure package translation completeness. Touched upon internationalization frameworks and described package localization cycle in detail. Demo was good. Here are the slides. Project website is

From long time, but just wanted to learn deploying apps using Kubernetes. I got this chance in a workshop on Fundamentals of deploying applications to Kubernetes by Graham Dumpleton (Developer Evangelist Red Hat) and Jorge Morales (Developer Advocate Red Hat). The workshop covered many topics like What are containers and pods, Accessing pods for an application via a service, Scaling up applications to many instances, Automatic recovery from application failure, Exposing a web application to the public, Application lifecycle management and Monitoring health of an application. They provided really easy-to-follow workshop environment.

Around Google Big Query, this year we had a talk on Protecting sensitive data in huge datasets: Cloud tools you can use by Felipe Hoffa (Developer Advocate Google). He was amazing! He explained how to handle massive public datasets, from theory to real life showcasing newly available tools that help with PII detection and brings concepts like k-anonymity and l-diversity.

Third day at FOSSASIA, however, things were as fresh as of the first. I mostly participated in CyberSecurity talks and enjoyed them. Due to some last minute changes in my return flight schedule I had to leave early and hence here my FOSSASIA Summit 2019 journey concluded. It’s always great to be a part of such an event. Many thanks to organizers and sponsors. :)