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I18n FAD

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This time Pune, India was selected for Fedora Activity Day 2017 of Internationalization (i18n) Engineering. Folks from all over APAC and EMEA joined together to exchange ideas, fix long pending bugs and hack on new ideas. Thanks to Fedora Council for approving budget and to Bex for coordinating & moving i18n FAD arrangements further! Jens, Parag and Pravin played vital roles in organising everything required to make it happen.

I was really excited to meet my entire team for the first time! And it was Sunday evening, 19th Nov 2017 we all met together and went Amanora Food Court to share evening moments over snacks.

Day 1st, Talks

Everyone was busy finishing their slides and demo as projector/screen was waiting to show some really cool i18n stuffs.

Pravin started the day with welcome greetings and reminded on earlier g11n FAD. After quick logistics by Parag everyone queued up for their introductions. Jens-Ulrik Petersen covered i18n FAD intro and took us on evolution of Fedora i18n.

Akira Tagoh started the session with highlights on fonts development. He discussed some really interesting topics like fontconfig cache, flatpack support and font-tweak-tool. Peng Wu took over to catch up on Pango development plans: Unicode 10 support and bidirectional algorithm. After a quick Tea break, we continued with sessions on Input Methods. Takao Fujiwara shared ibus 1.6 plans: API deprecation, Extending ibus compose tests to other engines, etc. He demo'ed anthy test triggered by focus event and emoji input. Peng Wu seemed interested in fixing Qt5 ForwardKeyEvent issue. Mike Fabian explained and demo'ed ibus-typing-booster and emoji-picker.

And then talks turned towards Locales. Mike Fabian explained about Latvian collation: CLDR vs glibc. Rafal Luzynski brought focus on dates rendered wrong in desktop UI (gnome etc) for many languages. Further, he explained genitive & nominative cases and mentioned one long pending bug.

After lunch, I started with Transtats. Here are my slides. Parag joined the discussion for CLI demo and Sachin demo'ed Automation Testing. After this, Pravin touched upon i18n test automation and covered fonts testing and UTTRS. Pooja joined and explained about input method test automation. In the next session we had discussions around Fedora Test Cases. Satya and Sandeep quickly recap Fedora 27 test days and explain about some gap analysis including Wayland, new ibus version and Flatpak. Bhushan talked about input tests, rendering and DRTC. Vishal demo'ed tool for web scraping and shared plans for Kimchi web client for kvm. And with this we concluded sessions.

Quickly everyone wrote down the projects/parts they are interested in to collaborate and hack on. In the evening we had a quick walk, followed by a team dinner at Deccan Harvest.

Day 2nd and 3rd, Hacking

A couple of days of collaboration and demo’s. People join their hands on several objectives: Fonts testing automation, Glibc Unicode CLDR sync, Desktop langpacks on installation, Input Method Automation, Fedora i18n test cases gap analysis and updates, Filipino language support, Transtats, IBus 1.6 plans and implementation, Update font packaging guidelines, Emoji enhancements, Random deps issue for font packages, and Testsuite for ibus-table.

Surprisingly, along with we had discussions around Modularity also. On third day of FAD - we had Fedora 27 release party. Cake cutting and round table discussions. Several folks joined us for the celebration.

Last day, in the last hour we had series of demos, people showing their progress over two days of hacking. The second day evening we had FAD Game Night :)

FAD Evening Activity

We went to Amoeba - Amanora Game Zone for bowling. Superb fun moment for all of us. Congrats to Jens and Mike for making a century on scoreboard. And then, we had a wonderful dinner at Barbeque Nation.

All thanks to Fedora to care for their contributors that much! And bringing them together .. :)