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PythonPune MeetUp - Oct '16

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It has been long attending some talks - specially around Python!! And PythonPune looks perfect to meet some folks working with Python in the happening city - PUNE. If I remember correctly it was 6:30 I woke up and dropped text to my friend at Baner - planning to spend latter half of the day at your place - as venue was at GSLabs, Baner.


Chandan Kumar greeted everyone there and with some backgrounds/purpose of this meetup called for a round of introduction - we had the strength of 50 - with some new faces. Nevertheless common goal was to learn new things. Akshay Goel started the talks with his discussions around pyautogui - an awesome module to automate keyboard/mouse events.


My Talk

And then came my turn. Again Zanata-Python-Client but with more insights to why localization, what purpose Zanata solves and how to start contributing to python-client project. This includes walk-through of interacting with Zanata using python-client. I think everyone enjoyed slides/demo. Got a few questions as well.

my talk


This was followed by Narayan Behara, who demo’d working of Boto3 python library for AWS. And Kiran Yallabandi presented his experiences on decorators - this was a deep dive. With some more topics the meetup concluded in an informative one, and I guess - everyone enjoyed sharing thoughts with morning tea/coffee.


With hope to meet all in the next meetup, I headed friend’s place - and had a great time there as well - indeed :)