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AI 380 Delhi to Singapore 5:30 AM All were sleeping and cabin crew announces we are about to land at Singapore Changi Airport in 15 minutes. This thrills almost all passengers travelling to Singapore for the first time including me. Within seconds fog started appearing on windows and we landed smoothly. This took 10 mins getting from the arrival gate to immigration post. And after 20 mins or so I completed baggage claim and was heading Terminal 3 arrivals. Met with my colleagues there and by 10:15 AM we boarded MRT to Red Hat Singapore Office. In the evening explored Bugis Street and enjoyed food at Little India - this lead to end of 0th day.

Day 1

Started at Singapore Science Center - wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. At the opening ceremony hosted at The Marquee, Science Centre Singapore Hong Phuc Dang welcomed everyone in FOSSASIA 2016. Justin Lee cheer the crowd and every one felt the enthusiasm being at Asia’s premier open source event.


Harish Pillay the president of the Internet Society Singapore Chapter delivered keynote and spoke about phases of Free and Open Source Software. This took us through the journey! the revolution!!


Tea and Coffee break gave us time to network and have refreshments. We went inside Science Center and experienced Interactive 360 × 360 degree Virtual Reality. At 12 noon we saw Tesla Electric Lightning Demonstration - amazing electric arcs from the Tesla Coil at 3500000 Volts - how it light up fluorescent light, explode the balloons and how people sit in cage without getting hurt when the electric touch the cage.


Jan Nikolai Nelles (Artist of “The Other Nefertiti”) spoke about #NefertitiHack and Cultural Commons. With regard to the notion of belonging and possession of material objects of other cultures, the Other Nefertiti is to make cultural objects publicly accessible and to promote a contemporary and critical approach on how the “Global North“ deals with heritage and the representation of “the Other”.


Thereafter every one enjoyed lunch - chicken was tasty I must say. Here we had beginning of talks and workshops. I followed DevOps Track: oVirt Integrations, Comparing virtualization and containers, Globalizing your software, Containers and systemd. In the evening we rushed to clarke quay

Clarke Quay

A wonderful day at Singapore full of knowledge, fun and enjoyment.

Day 2

We got up early, took MRT and reached Science Center. At 12 noon we had group photo - all faces (different geography) in a frame (common cause) is itself unique mark of participation and collaboration. Collected T-Shirt and had lunch. Time for the talk.

Clarke Quay

Covered introduction to Zanata Server, Push and Pull operations using Python Client and how to start contributing to Zanata Python Client project. Had some Q&A also. In the evening we left with some time and went to marina bay sands.

Marina Bay Sands

Earned great learning and ideas to make talks better.

Day 3

Had healthy breakfast, took MRT and reached Science Center - the third and final day. This day I followed Privacy and Security track: Functionality, Security, Usability: Choose any two. Or GNOME, Not all security flaws are born equal and Privly - Share Privately. Today we had plans for Sentosa - The Fun Island.


It rocks!! SEA Aquarium, Universal Studio, Rides and many more make this place awesome tourist destination. We enjoyed The Blue Band Group performance which made our evening. Sentosa Express is a monorail line connecting this island.


And its time to depart. Had a great time, and with the hope to visit Singapore again some time, boarded AI 381