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Zanata-Python-Client v1.4.1

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A new release - v1.4.1 is out. This brings feature which makes getting started with ZPC more fun. GitHub Release Link

What’s New

  • commands - init, stats - enhances CLI experiences.
  • Some bug fixes - including critical issues.
  • Now the code is more robust, and better to understand.

Getting Started with Zanata and Python Client

Starting out with translation project is a breeze with Zanata. Let’s get started…

Server Side - User Settings

Point your favorite browser to and login (signup for a new account). You may find this useful.

  • Navigate to Settings and see for Client.
  • Generate a new API key, ignore if it is already there.
  • Look for user configuration contents for zanata.ini.

Done! Let’s move on…

Client Side - CLI tasks

Create a file zanata.ini at $HOME/.config/ and copy the contents. Now, have ZPC in place.

  • Download and Install
$ wget
$ unzip
$ cd zanata-python-client-zpc-v1.4.1
$ make install
  • By now, we should have zanata python client installed. Time to roll translation project.
$ zanata help
$ zanata <command> --help

Done! Let’s move on…

Initialize Project Configuration

With zanata init it’s much convenient to specify project details or create a new profile.

$ zanata init --user-config /path/to/zanata.ini

This takes you for an interaction about…

  • Project’s id, name, description (option to create a brand new project).
  • Project version (option to create new version within project selected).
  • Set project type {gettext or podir}
  • Set translation template and translation target directories.

Aha, just ls your directory and you can see zanata.xml created. Now, language resources can be pushed.

Done! Let’s move on…

Get Documents Translated

  • Push all templates, translations (if flagged) onto server. Cool! translation activities can be started, now. Get translations back, may be to compile lang-packs.
$ zanata push --help
$ zanata push [OPTIONS]
$ zanata pull --help
$ zanata pull [OPTIONS]

Tracking Translation Progress

With this version translators can track translation progress for enabled locales for a project-version. Considering zanata.ini and zanata.xml in place, following commands will display stats.

$ zanata stats
$ zanata stats --help
$ zanata stats --details    # statistics for all docs in project version
$ zanata stats --word       # include word level statistics as well
$ zanata stats --docid      # statistics will be fetched for doc specified
$ zanata stats --lang       # stats for specified locales will be fetched

Happy Translation !!